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July 9th, 2001

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"History is a capricious creature.
It depends on who writes it."

-Mikhail Gorbachev

"Astrology is a quite serious science. It helps us launch spacecraft, missiles; we use it broadly to forestall suicides among the personnel. Experience shows it is unreasonable to reject it. Our estimates and forecasts are usually corroborated up to 70-75 percent." - Viktor Yakovlev, Commander of the Russian Strategic Rocket Forces

"Believe it or not, every three months a summary of astrological prognoses predicting the place and date of future extraordinary occurrences is sent from the St. Petersburg Naval Scientific Research Institute to the Russian Defense Ministry's General Staff." - Komsomolskaya Pravda; January 21, 1998

Planets poised for July performance

July 9, 2001 Posted: 1:32 PM EDT (1732 GMT)

By Richard Stenger CNN

A crescent moon will be an added attraction as Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn put on a show for skywatchers




(CNN) -- Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn will soon line up for a cosmic dance that should delight observers all over the world who look up into the skies before dawn.

The aesthetically intriguing celestial conjunction will include special appearances by the waning crescent moon.

The mid-July alignment features two sets of planets, Mercury and Jupiter, and Venus and Saturn, which will be in conjunction within one week of each other.


In mid-July of 1990, there was a significant six-planet alignment involving the new moon (solar eclipse) and an opposition of Jupiter and Saturn. Just as this celestial event occurred, Iraq threatened, massed troops against and then invaded Kuwait. (The invasion of Kuwait coincided with a lunar eclipse squared by Mars and Pluto that financial astrologer Arch Crawford warned would mark an explosive event weeks ahead of time - see the list below.)

Now this mid-July we are seeing a similar six-planet alignment just before the new moon. If, as I believe, Russia and the Arab powers are shaping history according to astrology, then grave danger may lie ahead, particularly for Israel and possibly America as well.

I can see where the hostile, demonic national powers aligned against us are shaping history according to the stars (like Hitler did) toward a catastrophic war that may spell an end to Western civilization as we know it. That war may come in the vicinity of the upcoming planetary alignment, or at least the war may be initiated in some facet around that time. If not now, however, it will come later as long as nobody ever recognizes how these evil forces are operating in the world today.


1. *April 24th, 1986: Total eclipse of the Moon conjunct Pluto.

The following evening the Chernobyl disaster occurred in the Ukraine.

Notably this configuration involved the planet Pluto which is supposed to represent explosive events and nuclear technology ("Pluto" is the root of the world "pluto"nium).

The fact that the event was timed according to the stars is indicative of how Chernobyl might not have been an accident, but rather a sick experiment to garner knowledge for fighting a future nuclear war. Indeed, it is appropriate that this is the first significant historical event following Mikhail Gorbachev's rise to power in Moscow in March 1985. The "Chernobyl Experiment" reveals that a global nuclear war is the ultimate objective of a multi-year plan, timed according to astrology, that began to be implemented by the Central Party of the Soviet Union under Gorbachev's leadership and continues to unfold to this day.

2. *October 3 & 17, 1986: Solar/Lunar eclipse pair.

Fire breaks out aboard the Soviet nuclear submarine K-219 in the Atlantic. Heroic efforts by crew members prevent a reactor meltdown that could have contaminated the East coast of the U.S. and Canada. The submarine sinks three days later.

Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in Reykjavik, Iceland collapses. The summit meeting between President Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev collapsed after the two leaders had tentatively agreed to sweeping reductions in nuclear arsenals but deadlocked on the crucial issue of restricting the U.S. space-based missile defense program widely known as "Star Wars".

3. *June 28th, 1988: 5-planet alignment squared by Mars. Very rare exact alignment of Saturn, Uranus and the Moon is squared by Mars and opposed by Mercury and Venus.

Second Party Conference. New Congress of Peoples' Deputies with elected seats announced. Gorbachev becomes president.

4. *November 9th, 1989: Very rare conjunction of Saturn & Neptune (three times a century). Also, conjunction of Venus & Uranus and exact alignment of Pluto, Mercury and the Sun.

Berlin Wall comes down.

5. *July 22nd, 1990: Total solar eclipse conjunct Jupiter & opposed by Saturn.

Marked when Iraq began massing forces on the Kuwaiti border just prior to the 1990 invasion.

6. *August 2nd thru 7th, 1990: Lunar eclipse squares Mars and Pluto.

In the Market Watch section of the July 16th, 1990 issue of 'Barron's', there is an excerpt from the newsletter of financial astrologer Arch Crawford. It reads in part:

"...Aug. 6 (Lunar Eclipse squares Mars + Pluto). Expect some major catastrophe on that last one, Aug. 2-7, as something explodes in a big way... Astronomically similar to the Chernobyl disaster..."

On August 2nd, Iraq invaded Kuwait precipitating the Persian Gulf crisis. As explained in my paper, The Persian Gulf Deception, Iraq most likely invaded Kuwait and precipitated the ongoing crisis in the Gulf at Moscow's behest. The general intent has been to establish Iraq as a symbolic Arab victim of U.S. imperialism in order to create a pretext for Saddam to eventually lash out at world 'Zionism' by striking Israel with chemical SCUD missiles which, in turn, will trigger a final, all-out East/West conflict.

7. *January 15th, 1991: Solar eclipse (at 11:59 pm on 1/15/91) with 6-planet alignment in Capricorn (note: in astrology the Sun and Moon are considered planets).

January 15th, 1991 was the U.N. deadline for Iraq to pull-out of Kuwait before the allied attack a day later- the beginning of the Gulf War.

According to an ancient Babylonian prophecy, "when all the planets meet in Capricorn the world will be destroyed by fire". In January of 1991, there was a six-planet alignment in Capricorn, and Venus, Jupiter and Pluto were heavily aspected in Capricorn and in tension with each other. Thus, from the perspective of someone in Iraq and the site of ancient Babylon, their "world was destroyed by fire" as forecast in this astrological prophecy (see Moira Timms' 'Beyond Prophecies and Predictions', pp.206 & 209).

It was during the Gulf War that I experienced a prophetic vision indicating that eventually Iraq would strike Israel with weapons of mass destruction and this, in turn, would lead to a global nuclear war. Following this vision I carefully reexamined the events in the Gulf in 1990 and 1991 and realized things were not what they seemed. I discovered that Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent Gulf War and ongoing struggle between Iraq and the U.S. were instigated by Saddam Hussein at the behest of Moscow in order to set the stage for a nuclear third world war.

8. *June 26th, 1991: Lunar eclipse of lunar/solar eclipse pair. Also, Pluto was squared (90-degree angle) by an alignment of Venus, Mars and Jupiter.

Marked the beginning of the civil war in Yugoslavia.

Western military intervention in the former Yugoslavia was provoked again at the behest of Moscow for strategic purposes. In particularly, NATO involvement in the Balkans and military action against the Serbs stoked nationalist fervor in Russia. This nationalist backlash serves the interests of those elements in Moscow planning to fight an all-out war against the U.S. and Western allies.

9. *August 19th, 1991: Alignment of Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter.

A failed coup attempt by communist hardliners is staged in Moscow which supposedly brings an end to the Communist Party and Soviet Union.

10. *December 21st, 1991: Lunar eclipse on the winter solstice.

The Soviet flag comes down and the Russian flag is raised over the Kremlin as the Soviet Union is officially disbanded. Eleven of the twelve former republics of the Soviet Union meet in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan and establish the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), thereby abolishing the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

A few days after this, on Christmas day (?!), Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev resigned.

11. *June 30th, 1992: Solar eclipse of lunar/solar eclipse pair. This eclipse was aligned with Venus, Uranus and Neptune and sextiled (60-degree angle) Mars and Jupiter.

First U.N. forces arrive in Sarajevo as Western military intervention in the former-Yugoslavia begins.
12. *February 28, 1993: Rare conjunction of Neptune & Uranus T-squared by Venus & Jupiter. Saturn squares Pluto. (Neptune/Uranus conjunctions occur roughly every 200 years. In 1993, exact conjunctions occurred in February, August, and October; three times due to retrograde planetary motion).

Terrorists bomb the World Trade Center.

As revealed by Laurie Mylroie in her book, "THE WAR AGAINST AMERICA - Saddam Hussein and the World Trade Center Attacks: A Study of Revenge", this first attempt by terrorists to take down the Twin Towers was a "false flag" operation organized by Iraqi intelligence but wrongly attributed to a loosely knit network of Islamic extremists. The mastermind of the operation, Ramzi Yousef, used the false identity of a Kuwaiti named Abdul Basit. Abdul and his family disappeared during Iraq's occupation of Kuwait. Only Iraqi intelligence could have accessed and altered the documentation of Abdul Basit used by Ramzi Yousef to escape following the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

The 1993 World Trade Center bombing was the beginning of increasingly brazen terrorist attacks against U.S. interests including the bombing of a US training mission for Saudi troops in Riyadh in 1995, the 1996 truck bombing of the al-Khobar Towers military base, the 1998 African embassy bombings, the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in 2000 and most recently the terrorist attacks on 9/11 of 2001 that resulted in the total destruction of the World Trade Center towers as well as serious damage to the Pentagon. These terrorist attacks have been attributed to Osama bin Laden and the al Qaeda ('The Base') terrorist network. However, there is reason to believe that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda are a front for terrorist attacks done at the behest of Iraq and Russia. While the link to Iraq can be established, that Baghdad operates in collusion with Moscow is well hidden. Nevertheless, this is the implication of my "Persian Gulf Deception" hypothesis.

Why would Moscow make use of Iraq and al Qaeda to engage in terrorism against U.S. interests? The answer has to do with the strategic potential of using rogue states and loose-knit terrorist networks to deliver weapons of mass destruction (like weaponized Anthrax) rather than delivering them directly with Russian missiles and planes since the latter would result in massive, direct Western retaliation.

In military parlance, the ability of a small power to debilitate and/or incapacitate a large power using unconventional terrorist means is referred to as "asymmetric warfare". The Soviets long ago realized the value of asymmetric warfare and entered it into their Marxist-Leninist military doctrine in the belief that conventional warfare may be unnecessary and asymmetric techniques alone could potentially be used to defeat the capitalist states worldwide. In this context, Moscow must have determined that they could use puppet states and terrorist networks seemingly not associated with Russia to unleash devastating asymmetric attacks against the Western powers using weapons of mass destruction. Thus, Saddam Hussein's Iraq has been delinked from Russia and converted into a rogue terrorist state that, in cooperation with Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist network, is positioning to deliver debilitating terrorist strikes directly against the U.S. and Western allies using chemical, biological and radiological weaponry. Moscow, however, seems to be blame-free in the unfolding history.

12. *October 4th, 1993: Rare conjunction of Neptune & Uranus repeats. Saturn T-squares Moon and Pluto..

Political chaos erupts in Moscow following Russian President Boris Yeltsin's disbanding of the former-Soviet parliament.

13. *December 13th, 1993: Alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Sagitarrius. Saturn square Pluto.

Communists and Nationalists win the elections for a new Russian parliament. Of particular surprise is the success of the "Liberal Democratic Party" (?!) led by Hitler-like nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

14. *January 12th, 1994: Rare seven-planet alignment in Capricorn (five planets and the sun and moon). Tightest alignment of seven planets in 300 years.

U.S./Russia summit at which the superpowers sign an agreement to no longer target each other with nuclear weapons.

Alignment also coincides with increased Serb shelling of Sarajevo and a NATO summit meeting at which the Western allies agree to use force in the former-Yugoslavia. Within a month the first NATO ultimatum was issued for the withdrawal of Serb heavy weaponry from around a Sarajevan "safe-zone".

15. *November 18th, 1994: Lunar eclipse of solar/lunar eclipse pair. Eclipse is aligned with Pluto and Jupiter, squares (90- degree angle) Mars and trines (120-degree angle) Uranus and Neptune.

Croatian Serb warplanes bomb the U.N.-protected Bihac enclave in violation of a NATO-enforced "no-fly zone". NATO responds by bombing Serb positions. This is the first major use of military force against the Serbs by NATO in the Balkan conflict and the first offensive military action ever taken by NATO in the 45-year history of the Alliance.

16. *December 11th, 1994: Mars squares conjunction of Pluto & Jupiter.

Russia invades the breakaway republic of Chechnya.

17. *April 29th, 1995: Solar eclipse of lunar/solar eclipse pair. Eclipse squares Neptune and Uranus.

Croatian Serb warplanes bomb the U.N.-protected Bihac enclave in Bosnia in violation of a NATO enforced "no-fly zone" once again. The Balkan war heats-up as a five-month cease-fire comes to an end.

(Notably, this was the first eclipse pair subsquent to the pair in November of 1994 which marked the only other time Croatian Serb warplanes bombed Bihac- both before and since; blatant evidence that Serb military action is timed according to the stars.)

18. *June 14th, 1995: Mars T-squares alignment of Mercury, Venus and Jupiter (w/Jupiter at opposition).

Similar to configuration on December 11th, 1994 when Russia invaded Chechnya. This time, a large group of Chechen rebels attack a town in southern Russia and take several hundred patients hostage at a hospital. The incident ends violently with hundreds of Russians reportedly killed.

19. *July 12th, 1995: Alignment of Sun, Moon, Neptune and Uranus trines (120-degree angle) Mars and sextiles (60-degree angle) Saturn and Pluto.

Russian President Boris Yeltsin reportedly suffers a heart attack while Bosnian Serb forces overrun the U.N.-protected enclave of Srebrenica.

20. *October 24th, 1995: Mars and Pluto conjunct total solar eclipse.

Russian President Boris Yetsin reportedly suffers a second heart attack.

21. *November 22nd, 1995: 7-planet alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Pluto in Sagitarrius.

Serbs do a total about-face and reach a peace agreement with Bosnian and Croatian representatives at peace talks in Dayton, Ohio. Some 60,000 NATO troops start heading into the former- Yugoslavia to take over the peace-keeping mission from the United Nations.

22. *December 21st/22nd, 1995: Clustering of all planets in or near Capricorn around the time of the winter solstice.

Communists and nationalist win Russian parliamentary elections.

23. *January 15th, 1996: Moon squares alignment of Earth, Sun, Mercury, Mars and Uranus.

Russian forces storm Chechen rebels holding hostages in southern Russia.

24. *February 26th, 1996: Sun conjunct Mars T-squares Pluto and the moon, which are in opposition (180 degrees apart).

Configuration is similar to the one that marked when Iraq invaded Kuwait in August of 1990. Notably, February 26th is also the fifth anniversary of Kuwait's liberation from Iraqi occupation and the end of the Gulf War.

Wave of terrorist bombings against Israel occur starting February 25th leading to large-scale "Grapes of Wrath" Israeli military action in Lebanon- the largest such Israeli operation in Lebanon since Israel's 1982 invasion of Lebanon.

25. *April 3rd, 1996: Total lunar eclipse conjunct Mars and squared by Jupiter.

North Korea pulls out of the Korean War Armistice and then carries out a series of provocative armed incursions in the Demilitarized Zone separating the two Koreas.

26. *June 16th, 1996: 6-planet alignment of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Pluto near summer solstice.

Russian presidential elections take place with a virtual tie between the Communist candidate and Boris Yeltsin. To insure victory in the run-off election, Yeltsin appoints the third place candidate- the hardline, former Russian general, Alexander Lebed- to be his new Security Chief.

27. *June 30th, 1996: A full "bluemoon" is opposed by Jupiter, the planet of leaders, and squared by Saturn, the planet of fate.

The "fate" of the Russian "leader", Boris Yeltsin, becomes a concern as the Russian president disappears from public view, supposedly due to failing health, going into the run-off Russian presidential election he reportedly wins on July 3rd. Later it is revealed that Yeltsin supposedly suffered a major heart attack around this time.

28. *September 26th, 1996: Total lunar eclipse conjunct Saturn, the planet of fate as well as the planet of the Jewish people, and squared by Jupiter, the planet of leaders.

The fate of Russian leader Boris Yeltsin is placed in jeapordy as he undergoes heart bypass surgery.

Meanwhile, the fate of the Jewish people is placed in jeapordy as the worst bloodshed in the Occupied Territories since Israel overran them in 1967 erupts.

29. *February 26, 1998: Total solar eclipse conjunct Jupiter and Mercury and squared by Pluto.

Serb forces began violent crackdown against Albanian rebels in Kosovo, called the Kosovo Liberation Army, seeking independence for the 90% Albanian population in the Yugoslavian province. The Serb crackdown is internationally condemned since a civil war in Kosovo could spill-over into Albania and Macedonia and thereby draw in other major powers like Greece and Turkey and set-off a major regional war.

30. *April 23rd, 1998: Conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon.

Serbia holds referendum and the population votes against international mediation and/or intervention in Kosovo.

Major border conflict erupts with Albania leaving dozens dead from the Kosovo Liberation Army.


31. *June 4th, 1998: Conjunction of Mercury and Mars opposed by Pluto.

Months prior to this astrological configuration, the AstroEcon web site (http://www.astroecon.com) presented the following forecast for this astrological configuration:

"June 4, 1998: Mercury Mars conjunct and opposed to Pluto. Nasty, panic prone energy. War News."

Around this date, Serb forces escalate their offensive against the Kosovo Liberation Army including air-attacks and indiscriminate shelling of Albanian villages. Dozens of innocent Albanians are killed and entire villages are razed causing thousands of Albanian refugees to flee Kosovo for Albania and Macedonia. Serbia is internationally condemned and accused of engaging in ethnic cleansing like occurred in Bosnia during prior years.

In response to the new Serbian military aggression in Kosovo, NATO ministers meet and order initmidating air-exercises in Albania and Macedonia as well as accelerated contigency planning for NATO military intervention in Kosovo in order to contain the escalating violence.

32. *August 7th, 1998: Lunar eclipse squared by Saturn and aligned with Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune & Uranus.

Simultaneous terrorist bombings destroy U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania killing 12 U.S. citizens and more than 200 Kenyans and Tanzanians and wounded thousands more. The bombings were masterminded by Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden, possibly at the behest of Saddam Hussein. Numerous Iraqis were arrested in connection with the bombings and the terrorist attacks occurred on the anniversary of when economic sanctions were imposed against Iraq in 1990.

The day after the bombings, and within hours after the lunar eclipse, Iraq announced that it would no longer cooperate with U.N. inspectors.

33. *August 21st, 1998: Solar eclipse.

Going into the eclipse, the U.S. launches retaliatory missile attacks against terrorist targets linked to Osama bin Laden in Sudan and Afghanistan.

34. *January 31st, 1999: Lunar eclipse opposed by Uranus, Neptune & Mercury.

Following a Serb massacre of dozens of Kosovo Albanians (timed with the prior new moon squared by Mars and Saturn), NATO delivers Kosovo peace talk ultimatum seeking to force the Serbia and Kosovo's Albanian rebels to forge a peace agreement in a few weeks or face NATO air-strikes which are authorized at this time.

35. *February 16th, 1999: Solar eclipse.

Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic rejects a peace proposal presented to him by the West that requires allowing NATO troops in Kosovo. Belgrade's decision means NATO will supposedly have to bomb the Serbs into submission.

36. *February 23rd, 1999: Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic rejects a peace proposal presented to him by the West that requires allowing NATO troops in Kosovo. Belgrade's decision means NATO will supposedly have to bomb the Serbs into submission.

37. *August 11th-17th, 1999: Lunar Eclipse and Grand Cross Alignment of the planets.

Vladimir Putin becomes Prime Minister of Russia.

38. *May 5th, 2002: Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.

Vladimir Putin inaugurated as President of Russia.

39. *September 11th, 2001: Sun T-squares newly arrived opposition of Saturn and Pluto. Saturn conjunct the moon on September 11th and squared by the Sun (quarter moon).

|              |              |              |              |
|              |              |              |              |
|              |              |              |              |
|              |              |              |              |
|              |                             |              |
| Sat 14Gem44  |     Astrolog 5.05 chart     |              |
| Moo 20Gem53  |   Tue Sep 11 2001 12:00am   |              |
|              |                             |              |
<1>20Gem53-----|                             |-----20Sag53<7>
|              |                             |              |
|              |                             |              |
|              |                             | Plu 12Sag39  |
|              |                             |              |
|              |              |              |              |
|              | Sun 18Vir20  |              |              |
|              |              |              |              |
|              |              |              |              |

U.S. jetliners crashed into Twin Towers and Pentagon by terrorists destroying the World Trade Center in New York City and causing thousands of U.S. casualties. George Bush subsequently declares war on Osama bin Laden and world terrorism.


The thirty-nine developments above might be key steps in a multi-year plan the Kremlin is carrying-out to shape history toward a surprise third world war against the West.

Chernobyl was likely some sort of sick experiment to garner knowledge and do applied tests of skills and technology necessary to fight a nuclear war.

Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and the Gulf War were part of a Persian Gulf deception meant to give the West an exagerrated sense of military superiority over the East and probably also to give Saddam a martyr role in the Arab world so that he may eventually start a "jihad", or holy war, against Israel and the West.

Russia's internal collapse and bungled military intervention in Chechnya along with NATO military intervention in the Balkans stoked nationalist furor in Moscow setting the stage for a the rise of a right-wing leader, Vladimir Putin (ultimately Zhirinovsky?).

Lastly, all of the above developments and the emergence of a *false* global peace have opened the way for a successful Russian surprise attack against the West.

Unfortunately, as long as people don't accept the truth, the ruling elite in Moscow will continue to pursue their premeditated, ultimate crime against humanity. Even with the incriminating evidence from astrology to see the crime unfolding, as long as there is no collective effort to expose this literally satanic manipulation of world history, the lie will succeed and the antichrist shall prevail.

"War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is
inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to
attack. Our time will come in thirty or forty years. To win,
we shall need the element of surprise. The Western world will
need to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the
most spectacular peace movement on record. There shall be
electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The
capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to
cooperate to their own destruction. They will leap at another
chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we shall
smash them with our clenched fist."
 (Dmitrii Z. Manuilskii)
(Lenin School of Political Warfare, Moscow, 1931)


J. Adams

For those who have taken the time to read my posts on Kremlin Astrology up to now, you should realize that I'm arguing the Kremlin, operating underhandedly in cahoots with "former" puppet states like Iraq, Serbia and North Korea, is shaping history according to astrology. Over the past 13-or-so years a consistent pattern has developed in which the timing of watershed events concerning Russia, Iraq and the Serbs have coincided with the times of relatively significant astrological configurations like eclipses and planetary alignments. While some may believe this simply exemplifies that astrology works, the more plausible explanation is that the megalomaniacal ruling elite in Moscow, Baghdad, Belgrade and Pyongyang believe in astrology and are timing their most important moves accordingly.

A couple of nights ago I went out for a walk and noted two bright lights in the evening sky. Being familiar with astronomy, I realized that these two bright objects were planets rather than stars so I decided to check and see what planets they were. It turns out that what I saw was a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus. I later learned that such a conjunction is relatively rare and we won't see another spectacle of a Venus/Jupiter conjunction again for 17 years, i.e., not until the year 2016.

After doing a little research I found out that the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus this week became exact on the afternoon of February 23rd. I thought this remarkable in that, at almost precisely the same time as the exact conjunction, the Kosovo peace talks in Rambouillet, France came to an end and Western mediators announced that a partial peace agreement had been reached.

Given my Kremlin Astrology hypothesis, I wasn't too surprised that the Kosovo peace talks in Rambouillet ended at the time of an astrologically significant event, but what did surprise me is what I discovered when I looked back at previous conjunctions of Jupiter and Venus.

As mentioned above, conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter are relatively rare, the next visible occurrence not taking place until 2016. In recent years, however, such conjunctions have been more common (due to complex astronomical factors beyond the scope of this discussion). During the current decade I found a total of four occurrences of Venus/Jupiter conjunctions: June 20th of 1991, November 20th of 1995, April 23rd of 1998 and February 23rd of this year (these are the dates of when the conjunctions were exact).

What's remarkable is how the dates of Venus/Jupiter conjunctions this decade have coincided with key developments in the conflicts of the former-Yugoslavia. First off, as noted above, at the time that Venus and Jupiter were exactly conjuct this week, the Kosovo peace talks in Rambouillet, France came to an end and a partial peace accord was announced between the warring parties. With the conjunction on April 23rd of last year to the day, Serbia held a nationwide referendum in which the population voted against allowing international mediation and/or intervention in Kosovo. With the November 20th, 1995 conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, the leaders of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia agreed to a settlement of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia at the historic peace talks in Dayton, Ohio. Finally, on June 25th of 1991, just a few days after a conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and with a lunar eclipse, the civil war in the former-Yugoslavia began when Croatia and Slovenia proclaimed indepedence from Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav army responded by attacking Slovenia.

The timeline of key events in the former-Yugoslavia relative to conjunctions of Venus and Jupiter is thus as follows:

June 20, 1991 On June 25th of 1991, a few days after the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter and with a lunar eclipse, the civil war in the former-Yugoslavia begins when Croatia and Slovenia proclaim indepedence from Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav army responds by attacking Slovenia.
November 20th, 1995 The leaders of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia agree to a settlement of the civil war in the former Yugoslavia at peace talks in Dayton, Ohio.
April 23rd, 1998 Serbia holds a nationwide referendum in which the population votes against allowing international mediation and/or intervention in Kosovo.
February 23rd, 1999 Kosovo peace talks in Rambouillet, France end and a partial peace accord between the Serbs and ethnic Albanian rebels is announced.

The evidence above that Venus/Jupiter conjunctions have coincided with some of the most important developments concerning strife in the former-Yugoslavia is quite profound. It's a strong addition to the 30+ other incidences (listed above) where major events concerning Russia, Iraq, Serbia and North Korea coincided with significant astrological configurations like eclipses and planetary alignments over the past 13 years.

At this point, in the face of the evidence, denying that a correlation exists between the timing of key historical events and the times of key astrological events is a seemingly irrational, unjustifiable position. The question that needs to be answered now is: WHY does such a highly improbable coincidental pattern exist?

While some may attribute the correlation between astro-events and world events to the mystical power of the stars, i.e., to astrology, I tend to think what we are witnessing is beyond that. I believe a human factor is more likely in play here.

It is well known that Adolph Hitler believed in astrology and conducted many of his campaigns in the second world war according to the stars. (See, for instance, Wilhwelm T. Wulff's 'Zodiac & Swastika; How Astrology Guided Hitler's Germany', 1973.) Thus, it should come as no surprise that modern-day dictatorial powers like Russia, Serbia, Iraq and North Korea are being led by megalomaniacs guided by astrological beliefs like was the case with Hitler's Germany.

I have come to believe that Moscow is currently still pulling the strings of its "former" militaristic proteges in Baghdad, Belgrade and Pyongyang. As I see it, these nations are covertly operating together in implementing a long-term plan designed to bring about the military defeat of America and the other Western powers. Thus, ultimately the reason events concerning these powers are taking place according to what appears to be an astrologically-based timeline is because Russia's ruling elite in particularly believes in astrology and is shaping history according to the stars using puppet states like Iraq, Serbia and North Korea.

Since the Kremlin is depending on astrology in implementing its diabolical long-term plan to destroy the West and dominate the world, it is possible to see just what is really going on. That is, by noting the improbable (nearly impossible) correlation between astrologically significant events and world events concerning Russia and its puppet states, the conduct of these seemingly now-separate foreign powers is linked together and associated with a long-term plan unfolding over time according to astrology.

If the plot unfolding according to astrology remains unexposed, it will continue to move the world toward Moscow's ultimate objective: World War III, the military defeat of the West and Russian domination of the world. Thus, it behooves all of us to recognize the historical pattern I've uncovered and understand its profound implications for our world.