***MISSILE ATTACK DOWNED TWA FLIGHT 800?***


                               J. Adams

                           August 26th, 1996


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    "Senior Iranian sources close  to  the  fundamentalist  regime  in

Tehran  claimed  this  weekend  that TWA flight 800 was shot down last

month by one of three shoulder-fired Stingers  of  the  type  used  by

Islamic guerrillas during the Afghanistan war."


             -from the Times of London,  August 25th, 1996


    "The presence on the crash scene of officials  with  the  National

Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency reinforced in some

minds  that  there  might  have  been  some  intercepted  intelligence

regarding a missile attack."


         -from the Austin American-Statesman,  August 25, 1996


    "My sources within the intelligence community tell  me  government

authorities  may call it a bomb when indeed they know it was a missile

that destroyed Flight 800."


          -Martin Keating, the author of "The Final Jihad"


    For anyone with even the slightest skepticism about the honesty of

government,  the investigation into the crash of TWA Flight 800 should

raise  an eyebrow.  In the two months since the crash,  effectively no

definitive conlusions have been made public about what  likely  caused

the crash which claimed more than 200 innocent lives.  Beyond being an

extraordinarily    slow   investigation,    uncovered   evidence   and

investigative findings often appear to be concealed from  the  public.

Furthermore,  some  of  the  information  which  was  revealed  to the

American people has been later contradicted or  called  into  question

creating collective doubt about what might have happened.

    The  reason  for  the  seeming  secrecy and inconsistencies in the

official investigation might be because the  cause  of  the  crash  is

recognized but is being covered-up.

    There is  strong  evidence  that  Flight  800  was  downed  by  an

antiaircraft  surface-to-air  missile.  First off,  a suspicious radar

blip was recorded moving toward Flight 800 just prior  to  the  crash.

Also,  there  was  around 100 similar eyewitness accounts of an orange

flame streaking into the sky toward where the plane  exploded.  Third,

as  reported on the tabloid television news program tonight,  "EXTRA",

at least one photograph was taken just prior  to  the  crash  of  what

appears to be a missile flying across the sky.  Lastly, senior Iranian

officials  have now reportedly admitted that TWA Flight 800 was downed

by a Stinger surface-to-air missile attack.

    The  problem  with the missile theory,  however,  is not a lack of

evidence but rather a lack of acceptability.  If Flight 800 was downed

by a terrorist missile attack, then there is little the government can

do to prevent other  such  attacks  in  the  future.  Tighter  airport

security  can  prevent terrorists from slipping bombs on to airliners,

but how can terrorists armed with shoulder-fired missiles be  stopped?

There  is little in way of an effective defense against such a form of

terrorism,  so,  to keep the American public feeling safe to fly,  the

truth of a missile attack might be covered-up and,  instead,  we might

be told the crash was caused by either a mechanical failure or an  on-

board bomb.

    Another  reason the government might choose to lie is a CIA cover-

up.  The reason American-made Stinger missiles are  in  the  hands  of

Arab   terrorists  is  because  the  CIA  covertly  armed  the  Afghan

Mujahadeen  with  Stingers  to  resist  the   Soviet   occupation   of

Afghanistan  during  the 1980's.  Many of these sophisticated surface-

to-air missiles have since found their way into the hands  of  Islamic

terrorists  since  Afghanistan  is  now  a principal location used for

training by Islamic terrorists. (Note that Moscow may have ordered the

seemingly  ill-fated  Afghan  invasion  simply  to  gain  a  strategic

position  for infiltrating Islamic terrorist networks.  That strategic

positioning  is  now  paying-off  in  that  Moscow  can  direct  world

terrorism from inside the apparently Islamic networks and thereby seem

completely blameless.) Given that the CIA is not very big on accepting

responsibility  for its mistakes,  there is reason to suspect that the

investigation into the crash of TWA Flight 800 is being manipulated to

render spurious conclusions or no conclusions at all.

    If,  indeed,  TWA  Flight 800 was downed by a missile,  then it is

probable  the  terrorists  are linked to the Islamic terrorist cell in

Brooklyn,  New York that was responsible for the  World  Trade  Center

bombing  and a larger plot to reap havoc throughout New York City.  As

is explained in Laurie Mylroie's article below, "Saddam's Fingerprints

on N.Y.  Bombings",  past terrorism in New York was likely the work of

Saddam  Hussein's  Iraq.   In  particularly,   Ramzi  Yussef,  who  is

currently on trial in New York,  is an Iraqi national who  appears  to

have  been  taking  orders from Baghdad when he masterminded the World

Trade Center  bombing  and  other  terrorist  plots  against  America.

Again,  however,  for  whatever  reason,  evidence  of  a link between

terrorism against the U.S. and Saddam Hussein's Iraq is apparently not

acceptable to Washington and is subject to a possible cover-up.


    Some profound articles associated with a possible  missile  attack

on  Flight 800 and Saddam Hussein's role in terrorism directed against

the U.S. is presented below:




                            Times of London

                             Aug 25, 1996


          "Terrorists reportedly smuggle missiles into U.S."


  U.S.  officials  are  investigating reports that Islamic terrorists

  have smuggled Stinger ground-to-air missiles into the United States

  from Pakistan.


  Senior Iranian sources close to the fundamentalist regime in Tehran

  claimed this weekend that TWA flight 800 was shot down  last  month

  by one of three shoulder-fired Stingers of the type used by Islamic

  guerrillas during the Afghanistan war.


  The  sources  said the missiles arrived in America seven months ago

  after being shipped from  Karachi  via  Rotterdam  and  on  to  the

  Canadian  port of Halifax.  They claimed an Egyptian fundamentalist

  group backed by Iran was  responsible  for  smuggling  the  weapons

  across the Canadian border into the United States.


  The  group,  the Gama'a al-Islamiya,  comprises followers of Sheikh

  Omar Abdel-Rahman,  a blind Egyptian cleric jailed  in  the  United

  States  over  the 1993 New York World Trade Center bombing.  It has

  been waging a war to overthrow the government  of  President  Hosni

  Mubarak  of  Egypt  and  has  been held responsible for a number of

  attacks  on  tourists  since  1992,  including  the  murder  of  17

  Europeans last April.


  A  senior  White  House  official responsible for counter-terrorism

  told The Sunday Times this weekend that he had seen a report that a

  Stinger missile had been  smuggled  into  the  United  States  from

  Pakistan.  The official,  who is involved in collating intelligence

  relating to the TWA inquiry for the White House, said investigators

  were aware of reports that Stingers may have been smuggled into the



  "It is plausible,"  he  said.  "We  have  not  come  to  any  final

  conclusions.  If a Stinger was the cause of this,  our first theory

  would be that it came from Afghanistan."


  According to the Iranian report, the Stingers smuggled into America

  were bought by Iran from Afghan guerrillas.  However,  the American

  official  emphasised  that  the  possibility  that  a  missile  had

  destroyed the TWA jet was not the administration's leading theory.


  The FBI confirmed last week that traces of explosive had been found

  on debris linked to the inside  of  the  jet,  indicating  that  an

  explosive  device  had  detonated  in  the  passenger  cabin.   But

  investigators have insufficient evidence to determine  whether  the

  device was a bomb or a missile warhead.


  The  official  was  commenting  on reports from Tehran that claimed

  several groups funded by the  religious  authorities  in  Iran  are

  active  in  the  United  States.  The  reports claim one previously

  unknown underground group called Falakh may  have  as  many  as  50

  highly trained terrorists in the country.


  The  missile  theory,  although  not  ruled  out,  has been treated

  sceptically  by  many  investigators  who  are  convinced  that   a

  terrorist  bomb  smuggled  on  to  the  jet  caused the crash which

  destroyed the Boeing 747, killing all 230 people on board.

  A  computer  simulation  by  the  U.S.  army  concluded  it  was  a

  "possibility,"  but  not  likely,  that a Stinger fired from a boat

  could have reached the plane.




                              PR Newswire

                            August 7, 1996


     "Enhanced Airport Security No Protection for U.S. Airliners;

      Terrorists Need Not Show Up at Airports to Attack Targets,

               Says "Final Jihad" Author Martin Keating"


    Enhanced airport security will  not  deter  terrorists  intent  on

targeting  airliners  originating  from  U.S.  airports,  according to

author Martin Keating.


   "It's all window dressing.  Any additional security will only delay

victims from  boarding  their  doomed  flight,"  states  Keating.  "No

terrorist  is  going  to  show  up  at the magnetometer with a Stinger

missile under his arm. The terrorist doesn't need to be at the airport

to carry out his mission.


   "The White House is absolutely panicked that TWA Flight  800  might

have been downed by a missile,  because there is no defense;  even Air

Force One is vulnerable," observes Keating,  the author of "The  Final

Jihad",  a novel about international terrorism that employs predictive

analysis.  "My sources  within  the  intelligence  community  tell  me

government authorities may call it a bomb when indeed they know it was

a missile that destroyed Flight 800."


   Keating  cites  media  sources  which  reported  that more than 100

eyewitnesses interviewed separately told virtually the same story -- a

bright plume  of  flame  ascending  rapidly  from  the  surface  which

impacted an airplane.


   Keating's  novel  focuses on international terrorists who originate

from Lebanon's Bekka Valley and are intent on destroying numerous U.S.

targets. USA Today reported in the August 5 edition that House Speaker

Newt Gingrich said "intelligence briefings confirmed  ...  that  there

are  11  terrorist  camps inside Iran,  where up to 5,000 trainees are

taught skills from bomb-making to assassination." In the same  article

USA  Today reported that "U.S.  intelligence now tells (the newspaper)

that explosives used in bombings were likely smuggled from  the  Bekka

Valley  in  southern  Lebanon,  a  stronghold  of  the  Iranian-backed

Hezbollah terrorists ...  U.S.  satellite  photos  show  up  to  1,500

soldiers  from  Iran's  Revolutionary  Guard  in  the town of Baalbek,

officials said." Baalbek and the Bekka Valley  figure  prominently  in

Keating's novel.


   In  media  interviews  Keating  has  stated that,  according to his

sources,  a Stinger attack against a departing airliner  was  "no  big

deal," since enhanced versions of the U.S.  built missile could easily

reach altitudes of 20,000 feet, more than a mile above the TWA flight.




              Excerpt from the Austin American-Statesman,

                           August  25, 1996:


   Kallstrom, the central processor of all theories,  had a particular

fascination with the idea that a missile had struck the aircraft.

   ''I  gave  up  being  surprised  at  anything  a  long  time ago,''

Kallstrom said early on.

   To some experts in terrorism and airline security,  the notion that

a  missile  had  blown the aircraft out of the sky was far-fetched,and

several expressed  amazement  at  the  ''shelf  life  of  the  missile

theory.'' The plane was out of range, they said.

   But  others,  Kallstrom  included,  had  a  resilient fealty to the

rocket theory.  He and others could not ignore the dozens  of  witness

accounts  testifying  to  a  streaking  light  intersecting  with  the

aircraft. The details matched in many ways.

   In addition,  the notion that  Stinger  missiles  from  Afghanistan

might  have  made their way into the United States was a long-standing

assumption within law enforcement circles.

   The presence on the crash scene  of  officials  with  the  National

Security Agency and the Defense Intelligence Agency reinforced in some

minds  that  there  might  have  been  some  intercepted  intelligence

regarding a missile attack.

   Yet,  Kallstrom,  early on,  refused to  acknowledge  publicly  how

seriously investigators had taken the possibility of a missile attack.

   "I don't want to scare people," he said in front of his agents.




                       The Wall Street Journal

                           June 28, 1993


               "Saddam's Fingerprints on N.Y. Bombings"


                           By Laurie Mylroie


    Military  retaliation  from  Baghdad  was  the main administration

concern following  Saturday's  strike  on  Iraq.  Yet  U.S.  officials

should  start  thinking  seriously  about  the question of retaliation

through terror.  It is quite possible,  for example,  that there was a

connection  between  Saddam  and recent attempts to blow up Manhattan.

It is quite possible that New York's terror is Saddam's revenge.

    Speculation about the responsibility for last week's bombing  plot

and the earlier World Trade Center bombing has focused on Iran, Sudan,

and  the fundamentalist Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman.  Much energy has been

spent linking the terror to  Islamic  fundamentalism.  Yet  Saddam,  a

secular tyrant, is also suspect.

    Information  already  in  the public domain allows us to make this

case.  Start with the fact that the most important person in the Trade

Center bombing is an Iraqi,  Ramzi Ahmad Yusuf.  Known in New York  as

Rashid, Mr. Yusuf has 11 aliases.  The U.S. press has reported that he

left  Iraq  in early 1992,  transiting Jordan to Pakistan.  He entered

New York in early September on Pakistan Airways.  Mr. Yusuf, traveling

on his  Iraqi  passport,  passed  through  immigration  by  requesting

asylum.  The FBI claims the plot began in August, while Mr.  Yusuf was



                         -Ordering Chemicals-


    Mr.  Yusuf soon became the roomate of Mohammed Salameh,  the naive

Palestinian who repeatedly returned to the van rental agency  for  his

deposit.  Passionate, but not bright, Mr. Salameh would appear a ready

dupe  to  an  intelligence  operative.  In trial documents,  an Iraqi-

American, Musaab Yassin, has stated that he had known Mr.  Salameh two

years.  Mr.  Yassin moved into Mr.  Salameh's apartment  in  September

1992,  and  Mr.  Salameh  moved  out.  Mr.  Yassin's  younger brother,

Abboud,  lived with him.  An Arab who knows Musaab  Yassin,  like  Mr.

Yusuf,  came  to  the  U.S.  in  the  fall  of  1992,  seeking medical


    In late November,  Mr.  Yusuf allegedly ordered chemicals for  the

bomb  and  Mr.  Salameh  rented  a locker to store them.  The plot was

underway. In early February, Mr. Salameh notified his landlord that he

and Mr.  Yusuf would leave at month's end.  On Feb. 26 the World Trade

Center was bombed.  Messrs.  Salameh and Yusuf vacated their apartment

two days later.

    Mr.  Salameh was arrested March 4.  Musaab  Yassin  returned  home

that  day  to  find the FBI searching his apartment,  while Abboud had

been taken for questioning.  Abboud Yassin told the FBI that he taught

Mr.  Salameh  to  drive  the  van  that  carried  the  bomb,  that  he

accompanied  Mr.  Salameh  to  an  apartment  later  identified as the

bomb's testing ground; and Abboud Yassin's information helped lead the

FBI to the locker where the chemicals had been stored.  The U.S. press

reports that Abboud Yassin then returned to Iraq,  as did  Mr.  Yusuf.

The  New  York Times reported that Arabs who knew Mr.  Salameh and the

second Palestinian arrested, Nidal Ayyad, said that the two had "close

ties with two Iraqis, one of whom they say was named Rashid,  but both

of whom have since disappeared."

    This information,  although sketchy, indicates Iraqi activity.  If

Mr.  Yusuf, the key figure, had worked for Iran, Tehran would not have

let him return to Iraq.  Given the totalitarian nature  of  the  Iraqi

regime,  even  Abboud  Yassin's  return  to  Iraq  is significant.  An

innocent man would,  arguably,  have chosen to stay in  the  U.S.-  he

would  have  a  better  chance of a fair hearing in a U.S.  court than

before an Iraqi intelligence officer.  If Abboud Yassin  was  involved

in  the  bombing- but was not acting under Baghdad's instruction- then

it was even more imprudent for him to return to Iraq.  Mr.  Yusuf  and

Abboud  Yassin  could  have gone to Afghanistan,  where they would not

have  exposed  themselves  to  the  potentially  fatal  suspicions  of

Baghdad's intelligence agencies.

    That  two men involved came from Iraq and returned there is reason

enough to consider an Iraqi role in the World  Trade  Center  bombing.

What  other possible evidence is there?  It has been reported that the

bombing suspects received money  from  abroad:  up  to  $100,000  from

Germany,  Iran,  and "another Middle Eastern Country." That country is

probably Jordan, shielded by U.S.  authorities who continue protecting

Amman  for  the  sake of the "peace process." Without knowing how much

money came from each country, though, it is hard to exclude Iraq. Last

but not least,  it is worth noting that the February bombing  occurred

on the second anniversary of Kuwait's liberation.

    What about last week's arrests? The FBI arrested five Sudanese and

three  others as it broke up a second bombing plot.  The conspirators'

first target was the United Nations' headquarters.  Other targets were

added,  including FBI headquarters in  New  York.  Additionally,  four

assassinations  were  planned,  including  that  of Egyptian President

Hosni Mubarak and U.N. secretary general Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

    Like  the  Trade  Center  bombing,  much  of  this  operation  was

amateurish.  The conspiracy instigator, Siddiq Ibrahim Ali, had a plan

to get a car into the FBI building, but it was amateurish (he proposed

shooting   the   guards).   Professional   terrorists   divide   their

organizations into small cells, each devoted to specific tasks.  These

planners used a large group in which every participant  was  known  to

the  others,  so  that  the entire plot could quickly unravel once one

member was caught.  Yet, like the World Trade Center bombing, this was

audacious.  Had it suceeded, thousands could have died.

    It's important to note that both the Trade Center bombing and  the

later  plot  represent  something  new-  at least in the West.  Saddam

however commits that kind of carnage on a daily basis.

    Two of the nations thought to be behind the second  plot  are  not

ideal suspects.  Khartoum is suspected,  because Sudanese played a big

role in the plot.  With Iran,  Sudanese has been involved in a violent

campaign  to overthrow secular governments in North Africa,  including

Mr.  Boutros-Ghali's own government in Cairo.  But  Khartoum  has  not

sponsored  terrorism  against  U.S.  targets.  That it should suddenly

support potentially the most  devastating  anti-American  attack  ever

makes  little  sense.  A  separate question though is whether Sudanese

diplomats could be bought.  This is possible, since Khartoum is broke,

and months behind in paying its diplomats.

    Iranian sponsorship of the plot is also unlikely.  Iran has no big

quarrel with the U.N.- it benefits  from  the  U.N.'s  disarmament  of

Iraq. The U.N. is not the obvious target for Muslim extremists.  Their

quarrel  is  with  the U.S.  They could have easily chosen an American

target.  Explaining  why  fundamentalists  would  bomb  the  U.N.   is

possible, but the explanation is strained- that they see the U.N. as a

U.S.  surrogate; that their violence is caused by anger at many issues

involving the U.N.,  including Bosnia,  Somalia and the  Palestinians.

The  Trade Center suspects issued a set of demands that the U.S.  stop

aiding Israel and stop interfering in the internal affairs  of  Middle

Eastern countries.

    Saddam by contrast has every reason to attack the U.N. Saddam also

hates  Egypt's  Mubarak  and  wants  him dead,  no less than he wanted

George Bush dead.  Baghdad Radio threatened Mr. Bush personally during

the Gulf War and Mubarak as well,  "Does he (Mubarak) think  that  the

crime   he   committed   against   the   people   of   Iraq   will  go

unpunished?...Prepare yourself for it and shiver at the thought."


                            -More To Come-


    Attention has focused on the  Iranian-Sudanese  relationship.  But

Baghdad could as easily recruit Sudanese as Tehran.

    For  Saddam,  Iraqi  sponsorship  would be vengeance with a twist.

Baghdad wants  Washington  to  blame  Iran  for  the  terror  striking

America's shores.  If it doesn't and fundamentalists are caught,  that

too  is  fine,   because  it  promotes  a   hysteria   about   Islamic

fundamentalism  and  Iran which,  Saddam calculates,  would eventually

benefit Iraq.  If Saddam is  behind  the  attacks,  more  will  surely


    The  focus  of  the  New  York  investigations should shift to the

question of state sponsorship.  If  considerable  evidence  points  to

Saddam,  then President Clinton must fulfill his Saturday pledge:  "We

will combat terrorism.  We will deter aggrssion.  We will protect  our




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