Was White House Counsel Vince Foster Murdered?

The Unreported Truth!

"Always remember:
others may hate you,
but those who hate you don't win,
unless you hate them,
and then you destroy yourself."

(Richard M. Nixon)
(From his 8/9/74 farewell speech to the White House staff upon resigning)

"The road to tyranny,
we must never forget,
begins with the destruction of the truth."

(William J. Clinton)
(From his 10/15/95 speech at the University of Connecticut to mark-
"Fifty Years After Nuremburg: Human Rights & The Rule Of Law")

"Don't believe a word you hear.
It was not a suicide.
It couldn't have been."

(Web Hubbel)
(7/20/93- cited in Esquire, 11/93)

The Cover-Up

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"The Clinton Chronicles"
"The Death of Vince Foster: What Really Happened?", today!

For a preview, read The Clinton Chronicles' transcript.


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