testosterone hormonal balance

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the male body. It is responsible for many various functions in the body. For one thing, it is the hormone that triggers the beginning of puberty in boys. It is also the hormone that dictates a man’s sex drive, and it also plays a role in the production of energy. Moreover, the hormone also contributes to one’s moods and general outlook towards life.

Because the hormone is responsible for growth, it is found in high levels during one’s youth. As a man advances in age, the body produces less and less of this vital hormone. Sometimes, the levels of testosterone can stoop so low that they disrupt the life of a man. The good news is that there are numerous supplements that you can use to boost your testosterone levels. One of the top supplements in the market is Nugenix.

What Is Nugenix?

This is a company that manufactures products aimed at boosting testosterone levels. The products are made using natural ingredients that have been proven to impact positively on testosterone production in the body. The products are also made under very stringent conditions, similar to those required for the production of prescription drugs. Some of the products made by the company include Nugenix Ultimate, Free Testosterone Levels, Nugenix Esto Regulator and Nugenix PM- ZMA.

Ingredients In Nugenix

The key ingredient in the making of the products is Testofen. This is extracted from fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds have long been regarded as a cure for reduced sex drive and infertility. Another ingredient is Tribullus Terrestris, which is also known to increase the levels of testosterone. Other ingredients include Icitruline Malate, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12.

The Top 4 Benefits

1. Increased Libido

One of the greatest benefits of using the product is that it boosts your libido. When testosterone levels drop, they take away with them your desire for sex. This can be a constant cause of conflict in your relationship. The product also boosts your sexual stamina, which by extension means that your sexual performance will be enhanced. It also increases your sperm count, which is essential in helping battle infertility.

2. Burn Fats

As testosterone levels drop, more and more fat accumulates in the body. It also becomes increasingly difficult to gain muscle. This can be frustrating to any man, and especially those who put in a lot of effort in body building. Watching the long hours you put in the gym go to waste simply because your body cannot produce enough testosterone can be discoursing to say the least. But with this product, you can say a final goodbye to the fat that has accumulated in your body. Your work- out sessions will also become more productive and rewarding.

3. Better Moods

Did you know that hormones play a significant role in affecting how you feel? You can blame your lack of desire to live on poor attitude or lack of focus, but the truth of the matter is that dwindling testosterone levels can be a cause of sour moods. Taking testosterone supplements can go a long way in cheering you up and making you more positive about life.

4. More energy

One of the characteristics of low testosterone levels is less energy production. This can take a toll on many aspects of your life. You may also find it increasingly difficult to concentrate on tasks at hand, which can be rather frustrating. Nugenix can however play a role in boosting your energy levels by increasing testosterone production in your body.

Results And Pricing

Within a week of using Nugenix products, you should start seeing positive results. But the standard time advocated for by the company is at least eight weeks. Within those two months, the transformation in your body will be unbelievable. You can learn more about Nugenix here: https://supplementpolice.com/nugenix/

The products are relatively expensive. They are however worth every single coin you spend on them. After all, what amount of money can be equated to your well- being? You can order a free trial sample that lasts for two week at $ 4. 99. If you are satisfied with the results, then you can go ahead and order a full month supply. Each of the products is priced differently, but they cost between $70 and $ 90.


  • Proven to work
  • Few side effects
  • Clinically approved formula


  • Relatively expensive
  • Requires continuous use for the best results